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Dear Customer!

Our apology for the temporary absence of responses. Due to the situation in Ukraine, we have lost contact with our office in Kyiv. Now we are looking for an opportunity to resume our work, as many refugees are currently looking for work. Our country faced with war. Our brave soldiers and citizens fighting against Russian aggression. We do our best, but we very need Help from those who can help! Here you can find protected link of special financial account for Armed Forces of Ukraine (right now they are all the SHIELD for the whole Europe).

We also decided to organize within the our company charity account, to help territorial defense fighters, medical centers, hospitals in front-line cities, volunteers and other organizations that need help.

Nielsen Finance ApS

Skrænten 8 

8900 Randers C 

CVR: 42016071 

REG: 6186 

KONTO: 0017037412 

BANK: Sparekassen Kronjylland 

Konto in Ukraine: 

Transfer SWIFT - EUR 



Receiver name, surname, address: 

SVITLANA KLYMENKO, 03067, Ukraine, c. Kyiv, blvd. Ivana Lepse, build. 7A, fl. 44 

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Details of payment  

 - charitable help


 - honorarium

If you are not indifferent to their fate, you can help them. We will provide all photo/video proves about provided humanitarian help. We need financial assistance for the purchase and distribution of the necessary things. So you can make a donation that will be used for humanitarian aid to the population in great need. Thank you for stand with us and your great support!

Are you looking for young, hardworking, self-employed workers in agriculture?
We have found them for you! The best trainees and experienced workers on page СV


Ukrainsk-Praktikant.DK - HR Professional Association of Denmark and Ukraine

U.P. - Collaboration with the best agrarian institutions in Ukraine.
U.P. - Interaction with schools of English in Ukraine
U.P. - We are participating in the creation of a network of professional agricultural courses

Ukrainsk-Praktikant.DK - a reliable and mutually beneficial alliance of worker and farmer



You can always be sure that all our candidates:

  1. Professional enough
  2. Speak English
  3. They like, appreciate and know their work

     Each of our workers can be replaced for free of charge by another during the trial period.
You always have an opportunity to talk with the
candidates and ask video materials about them and any additional information.


Recruit worker easily:

1. Select a candidate
2. Obtain a permission for an intern
    (If you need an intern)
3. Recieve free consultantantion
4. Sign a contract with the candidate
5. Get an employee on probation

Godkendelse som praktikplads
Ansogningsskema PR1

+45 5272 7507

Need work to substitute or for a short term? Pay attention, we also offer a job for a short period of 1 month.

     We will contact you to confirm your choice, help prepare documents, deliver a worker to a farm in the shortest possible time! Read more about our free services and useful information for you as a employer.
     We work throughout Denmark and Ukraine. Read more in the section contacts.
Information about Ukrainian workers, their education, lifestyle, culture page Ukraine




We are searching for people with all necessary skills according to your order.
The main trend in agriculture for us - livestock: swine breeding, dairy farms (cows), mink farms. We also work with farms in the direction of: gardening, husbandry, horticulture, poultry farming, horse breeding, sheep breeding.

We will be glad to advise you at any time and to assist in resolving any issues related to Ukrainian workers.

Intern / Experienced staff:

Do you have any questions or want to add your resume? Please contact us




Our main areas of activity:



Agriculture is the highest priority for us.
You may be interested in personnel for agricultural works from Eastern Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and others).
Please check[experience_level][]=1&do=search 


Construction / AU PAIR

We develop these areas and will be glad to cooperate!